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How difficult is the route?

Pilgrims need to be well prepared and fit. We suggest you follow a proper training program starting a few weeks prior to your pilgrimage. The route often follows mountain paths with steep uphill climbs. When doing the coastal areas, pilgrims Read More

How far do I walk every day?

The average km per day throughout the hike is 20 km, although it varies with some shorter days of 10-15 km. Some days are longer and up to 27 km per day. However, it is possible to arrange for shorter Read More

When is the best time to walk?

Pilgrims can walk any time of the year. December to February are the warmest months and pilgrims sensitive to high temperatures should take all precautions or perhaps look at alternative months. The winter months are usually from May to August Read More

Is the route properly marked?

No. The Pilgrimage of Hope is still being developed and although the official guidebook has good maps and route descriptions, pilgrims need to know that this pilgrimage is by no means as frequently marked as the Camino in Spain. We Read More

Is the route safe to walk?

There haven’t been any incidents since the route was first walked in October 2014 but like anywhere in South Africa, pilgrims need to be vigilant while walking. We advise pilgrims to carry pepper spray and whistles and to refrain from Read More

Can I walk the pilgrimage solo?

We advise pilgrims to walk in groups of at least two to eight people. You don’t have to walk together all the time – not everyone has the same walking pace – but it is better from a safety perspective Read More

Do I need to pre-book accommodation?

YES. Both the Robertson and Stellenbosch routes’ bookings must be made through Pilgrims Assist. You need to be a registered pilgrim and your itinerary, transfers and accommodation will be handled through Pilgrim Assist.